About Us



After doing Mission trips around the world, and experiencing the joy and difference that just one person can make, I was inspired to start Givbac Impact. It started with one goal, one person, one dream and one mission. My goal to stand for those who can’t and to fund various grassroots charitable organizations through the sale of fun and unique products. I was astonished how quickly those around me jumped on board. Starting with my children, friends and soon total strangers. I was reminded that when you give people an avenue to do good, they will!

So “I” became “We” in the blink of an eye and “our” mission is to not only to fund, but to spread awareness, and education on the importance of giving back. I have always known that we are called to a life of service, what I didn’t realize until recently is that one act can change the course of someone's life forever. I have also learned the power of social media. So through Instagram,Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat we can reach 10,000 to the hundredth power.

As we launch the start of this foundation, help us spread awareness, help us spread the word and most importantly help us make a difference in this world. 

So I challenge you with this….. We come as 1 and stand for 10,000….. 

How many do you stand for?


[noun im-pakt; verb im-pakt] // to have an impact or effect on; influence; alter

Our Mission

  At GivBac Impact, a Southern California based company, we are striving to take a stand to give back to those in need one cause at a time. Through the manufacturing of casual, modern and meaningful products, we hope to fund several grassroot projects working to change the world. 

How can you make an Impact?
Every product purchase and donation helps those in need.

How it works.
GivBac Impact gives 70% of all proceeds are donated to our partner organizations, helping them succeed in their efforts to make our world a better place. 

Help us create a chain reaction of giving back!

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